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Pop! Movies: The Secret Life of Pets 2 - Max (In Cone)

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Pop! Movies: The Secret Life of Pets 2 - Max (In Cone)

Ever left your pet behind at home, whether it be to go to work or the supermarket, and wondered what your little furry friend is getting up to? I mean sure, when you arrive back home that may seem all innocent, but what exactly have they been doing while we were out? Well, 2016’s The Secret Life Of Pets answered those questions for us with hilarious results, and now those crazy bunch of animals are returning in 2019 for The Secret Life Of Pets 2!

The Secret Life Of Pets tells the story of Max, a beloved pooch who gets jealous when his owner adopts another dog Duke, who he feels is stealing her attention. After a squabble they find themselves lost on the streets with abandoned pets, aka “The Flushed Ones.". It’s like Toy Story where Woody and Buzz get themselves lost and need to find their way back home, not that the two stories are the same, just saying. In the new film, the loveable mutts go on a road trip for an adventure of a lifetime… on a farm!

This set of Secret Life Of Pets Pop! Vinyl Figures features Max, complete with a cone on his head which unfortunately makes it very difficult for him to see the turkey’s chasing after him on the farm. We also have Snowball, the insane street rabbit who is now sporting a very impressive superhero suit. Adopt these guys for your Funko collection today!

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