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Pop! Movies: Pet Sematary - Gage & Church

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Pop! Movies: Pet Sematary - Gage & Church

They say black cats bring you bad luck, well Church from the hit 1989 horror film Pet Sematary, takes bad luck to a whole new level. The film is an adaption of a novel written by the king of horror, Stephen King, so it's no surprise it's so popular amongst horror fans.

Thirty years since the film's release, you can now bring home an undead Gage Creed and his less than friendly pet cat, the undead Church. This duo might terrify most people and there’s a possibility they’ll go on a murderous rampage, however that’s the price you pay for being a horror fan. If they do choose to go on a rampage, we recommend throwing them near a busy highway. Add them to your collection today!

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