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DELUXE PLAMO SUPPLY PACK - Shiroiokami HobbyTech


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Our Deluxe Plamo Supply Pack is a perfect gift for the model builder in your life!

Great for Gundam model kits or even military models, this gift pack includes an assortment of tools to expand any model builder's toolbox. The Deluxe pack is best for people who may not be familiar with a variety of tools and want to try something new, or for model builders who want to improve the quality of their builds.

This pack comes gift wrapped in a navy blue gift bag!


  • Mineshima's High Grade Nipper
    A quality tool from a trusted manufacturer, used for cutting plastic model parts off of their runners (plastic frames).
  • Tamiya's Modeler's Knife
    A craft knife from one of the top manufacturers in the hobby industry, used for trimming nubs off of cut pieces, or other detail work. Includes spare blades in a storage case.
  • Tamiya's Basic File Set (Fine Double Cut)
    Another entry from one of the top hobby manufacturers, this set of files is used for cleaning up uneven surfaces or reshaping edges. Includes three files in a smooth grit, each in a different shape to reach all the surfaces you need to reach.
  • GSI Creos' Gundam Marker: Black (Fine-tip for panel lines) & Gundam Marker Extra Thin Type Gray for Panel Lines
    Thin markers made by the company renowned for its Gundam Marker series. These markers are used for adding simple line details into narrow crevices of Gundam kits and other model kits as desired. Comes in black and gray for two color options to cover a wider range of kits.
  • GSI Creos' Gundam Marker Remover
    Another part of the Gundam Marker series, this marker is used to erase mistakes made with the panel line marker for a clean finish.
  • Wave's Decal Tray
    A two-part plastic tray made for ease of waterslide decal application. If the you or the model builder on your list likes to work with decals, this simple tool will make the job a breeze.
  • GSI Creos' Mr. Cotton Swab Wooden Stem Type
    A set of cotton swabs with wooden stems and a pointed wooden end. The pointed tip can be used to position a waterslide decal while it's still wet, and the cotton swab is used for dabbing up excess water once the decal is placed. Includes 30 disposable swabs.
  • Mineshima's Needle Point Tweezers
    Precision tweezers with a pointed end for grasping tiny plastic parts or decals, getting the job done for small-scale kits where fumbly fingers could just get in the way. Thanks to the tapered tip, this tool can easily get into small crevices of your model, too!
  • G-Temple's Stand for Plastic Model Parts
    A fantastic stand that enables modelers to organize their work space by offering 15 spaces to slide plastic runners into, making them easy to find and easy to keep tidy. The slots are also labeled A-O, so that you can match your runners to the labels and easily find the right one when the time comes to use it.
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