1/32 MACH FRAME - Shiroiokami HobbyTech
1/32 MACH FRAME - Shiroiokami HobbyTech
1/32 MACH FRAME - Shiroiokami HobbyTech
1/32 MACH FRAME - Shiroiokami HobbyTech


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[Divided Body Machine Winning Excellence Award]
-A plastic model assembly kit for a high performance racer that uses shaft drive four wheel drive.
-A machine that has received an award of excellence for the Mini 4WD Design Contest 2018.
-The mechanical form composed of several aspects is impressive.
-White ABS plastic body, while incorporating a lot of bike design, sharp finish that put the entire silhouette like an aircraft.
-Attention is focused on the playful assembly of attaching the exterior parts divided into three parts to the parts that will be the frame.
-In addition, metallic tone stickers were prepared for expressions such as bright coloring and headlights based on blue and red.

[Adopt FM-A chassis with front motor layout]
-The chassis adopts FM-A of the front motor layout which adopted the aero design.
-The center of gravity is located on the front of the car so it can be run with stability even on a course with many ups and downs.
-Four rollers are also made of low-friction resin, including a skid bar made of low-friction resin at the bottom front as standard.
-The rear roller, in particular, has an 8 mm thickness type with enhanced stability.
-Furthermore, the motor can be easily replaced from the bottom of the chassis, and the setting can be changed quickly.
-Various parts can be attached to the aero side stay made with the cross-sectional shape of the wing of the airplane as a hint.
-The chassis body is metallic gray ABS resin, A parts such as under panel and skid bar are black color made of low friction resin.
-In addition, the white A spoke wheel has a small diameter super hard low height tire.
-Gear ratio set 3.5: 1.

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