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SHOOTING PROUD STAR - Shiroiokami HobbyTech


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The Shooting Proud Star is the sharper and modernized version of the Dash-3 Shooting Star which produces less drag. As with its predecessor, it has the CoroCoro Dragon mark and the stylized '3' mark on the bodyshell.

The main air-intake has been extended to the middle and above the canopy. Side air-ducts are also incorporated into the bodyshell and designed to dissipate heat from the batteries while running. The bodyshell is mainly in white with blue stripes and some silver parts. The damper props was also present but with a much simpler design.

The standard variant featuring the white body color with blue highlights, a color scheme that was carried over from its predecessors.

It was also the first Mini 4WD car on the MA Chassis to have large diameter wheels (the white 4-spoke MS-type II) and the black Avante-type slick tires equipped by default. Like the Blast Arrow, the chassis frame and the A parts were molded in dark grey and blue respectively.

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