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UFC - Georges St-Pierre Pop!

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UFC - Georges St-Pierre Pop!

You know what doesn’t sound like fun? Getting into a cage, knowing the only way you’ll walk out is if you incapacitate your opponent to the point where they can longer stop you. Yes the sport of Mixed Martial Arts cage fighting takes a certain breed, and only the best of the best get to hone their craft in the UFC!

The latest wave of UFC Pop! features some of the biggest (and most dangerous) stars of all time, including the cage-jumper himself Khabib Nurmagomedov, sporting his blonde papakha that he always wears on his way into battle. Khabib is ready for war, since his heated arch rival, and arguably the most popular fighter in the world today Conor McGregor is here to stir the pot like only he can. Conor is always up for a fight, and the showdown between these guys is sure to get messy. Thankfully the veteran Georges St-Pierre is around to mediate the situation. St-Pierre comes complete with his Welterweight Championship, a title he defended an incredible nine times.

So if you feel like adding a bit of mongrel to your Funko collection, look no further than the latest UFC Pop! Vinyl Figures. Just remember to never leave them unsupervised, especially in a carpark.

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